Elena Lyubarskaya
screenwriter for TV, film and new media

Elena Lyubarskaya is a writer and creative producer, based in Berlin, Germany. Elena is developing TV series and projects for the international as well as German and Russian markets. Her writing languages are English and Russian.


In 2016 Elena has completed Serial Eyes - a postgraduate program for writing and producing international TV series at DFFB, Berlin, London Film School and Danish Film School. In 2015 she has graduated the Moscow Studio of Indvidual Directing (MIR-4) with a Diploma in directing Film, Theater and TV.

Elena currently has projects in development with "Wildside" (Italy), Saxonia Media (Germany), FFP New Media (Germany), Audible.De (Germany), "Stardust" (Russia). Her political mini-series „The Whistleblowers" has won a VDD/Pro 7 Development Funding Competition in 2016.

Elena first started writing for TV with primetime dramedy "Barvikha(Zolotye)" about the "golden" teens from a rich Moscow suburb (TNT Russia, 2011). She has later written more than 17 hours of crime drama for Russian TV3 channel. Currently, Elena is developing TV series for the International, German and Russian markets.

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In development:

"Pauline"/ comedy-horror/ 6x 30/ creator - Cannes Series Institute winner

"Immunity"/ drama thriller/staff writer/ project by Niel Laupert (Real Film, Jumpseat Production)

"The 36"/ horror mystery/ 8 x 1 hour/ co-creator, writer/ LOVE MY TV (Makever) / France

"The Big O"/ comedy series/ 10 x 30/ co-creator, writer/ "Wildside", Italy

"The Hunter" / crime procedural / co-creator with Gesa Scheibner/ VDD - Pro Sieben Sat. 1

"Jay Cee"/ sci-fi series/ co-writer/ FFP New Media, Germany


Chtets ("The Reader") - Crime Procedural - TV3 Russia, 2015 - Episode writer.

Barvikha (Zolotye) - Dramedy - TNT Russia, 2011 - Head Writer.

2018 Participant of Cannesseries Institute at Cannesseries. "Pauline" - a winner project.

2018 – CNC – Writing Grants for TV Co-Productions ("Die Stadt", with Pierre Puget)

2017 VDD-Pro Sieben Sat. 1 Development competition - Winner ("Die Jägerin", co-written with Gesa Scheibner)

2017 Selected for RACCONTI#6 Writers Room by IDM-Suedtirol
and FFP-New Media.

2016 VDD-Pro Sieben Sat. 1 Development competition - Winner
("The Whistleblowers")

2016 Ledger Award - Nominee ("Exponius Museum")

2015 Air'15 residency by Virtual Identity GMBH ("Victory Day. Wien").


Elena is a globe-trotter and has lived and worked in Moscow, London, Vienna, Goa and Berlin. As a beginner writer she has held jobs in so many different fields, that her full CV is a now a classified document. Some of them are political journalism, producing reality shows, working as a buyer for fashion boutique and running tolerance education programs for NGOs from Chechnya. As a result Elena is still into politics, futuristic tech, travelling to dangerous locations and writing about controversial issues of our times.


Ueckermünder straße , 10.
10439, Berlin, Germany
Steuernummer 31/428/01776, Finanzamt Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg.

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